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Our goal is to take event and wedding DJ entertainment to a higher level around Knoxville, TN. Through thoughtful and inspired setups featuring professional lighting and equipment, we strive to pull your guests in and get them dancing! With this and our focus on  maintaining an incredible DJ and MC team, we're confident your friends, family, and co-workers will have a blast!  Check out all our options HERE, and CONTACT us today!

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  • Our reception setups/packages all include 4 hours of entertainment (extra hours are available), pre-planning and consultations, song requests, handling of all  announcements/introductions, DJ facade to hide wires and other equipment for a great look and presentation, basic dance floor lighting, a wireless microphone for toasts, and a powerful pro-audio sound system with subwoofer.

  • We bring backups for vital equipment to make sure nothing brings the reception to a halt, and with larger setups, an assistant comes with the DJ to give them a hand with the timing of events and to be sure that any issues that may arise are handled quickly without disrupting the evening!


  • For ceremony services, the owner and entertainment coordinator handles all ceremonies personally, attends your rehearsal, and runs through everything with you and your wedding party (to any songs you choose) for as long as it takes to get it perfect!


  • You also get access to our very detailed reception and ceremony planners to make your life easier. You’ll organize your events, plan your special songs, and request anything you want to hear throughout the event (and anything you don’t).

Check out our detailed SERVICE, SETUPS, and OPTIONS  .PDF


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What Is The Starting Date And Class Schedule?

The starting date of our new school year begins on September 8th. We operate on a school-year schedule which is daily, Monday through Friday, with school holidays and observations off, which includes a Winter Holiday and Easter/Spring break. The last day of our school year is Friday, May 28th, 2021.

What Is Included With This Subscription?

Upon receiving your completed, submitted registration you will receive our Welcome Packet which includes our class guidelines, our list of class supplies that will be required and used regularly during classroom lessons and activities, an orientation of our website which is the core of accessing the daily classroom lessons, resources, and communication with both students and parents.

How Is The Class Delivered?

Each daily virtual class lesson is delivered on video online via our member's website. Each lesson is professionally produced and very easy to access by computer, tablet, or other electronic devices. Simply access the Lessons page and click on the lesson for the day. It's that easy!

Are There Any Technical Requirements For This?

An internet connection to access our website by computer, tablet, or other devices. Many prefer to connect these devices to a larger screen television for easier viewing. A printer will also be used for printable worksheets, lesson accompaniment, activities, etc. Also, an email address for communications, submissions, and billing purposed is required.

Are There Any Materials We Will Need To Provide?

Yes, as mentioned above a list of class supplies will be needed before class begins. Crafts and worksheets will be available for download on the Parent's Page.

How Much Parent Involvement Is Required?

Our program offers the most benefits when parents are most involved. We understand some parents will only be able to participate occasionally or minimally, while others prefer to be more involved in the daily aspects of lessons, activities, and content. It is helpful if parents or a guardian can assist the child for the first few weeks, if possible. Students will progress at different levels and you can access the need for ongoing assistance.

How Can Mrs. Hamilton's Classroom Utilized For Home-Schooling Parents?

Home-schooling parents get very excited about utilizing Mrs. Hamilton's Classroom as it serves as a great accompaniment for parents that are home-schooling their own kids. Mrs. Hamilton can also be utilized as a Home School-Assist Teacher offering a structure, guidance, and an experienced teacher right at your fingertips providing core curriculum content with many extra tools, resources, lessons, worksheets, exercises, and activities for home-school parents.

What Is The Cost?

The goal of Mrs. Hamilton's Classroom is to provide high-quality, virtual early learning education at a price all families can afford while being much less than daycare, preschools, and private education facilities. Enrollment for the school year is $110 per month.

Are There Payment Options?

Payments may be made by credit/debit cards or by PayPal.

What If We Register After The School Year Has Started?

You may register after the school year has started. You will still have the option of monthly payment of $99.00 or a one tme payment of $699.00

Is There Customer Service Who I Can Contact If Needed?

Yes our customer service is available by email at or by phone at (716) 548-1212

DJ Entertainment,  Pro-Audio,  Lighting, Photo Booth,

 and much MORE! 

For WEDDINGS and Small  Events

Serving Knoxville and it's surrounding counties as well as Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg