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Mobile DJ Options and Details

Skilled and Professional DJ's

Ready to play the music that you and your guests want to hear, as well as make announcements and introductions. They will keep the night moving and always be there for you. 4 hours are included with every package.  Additional hours are available for the cocktail hour or for the night that you just don't want to end!

Endless Music!

A massive collection of thousands upon thousands of songs, including popular classical music, and everything from the 20's to today! With our music subscriptions, we can pull up just about anything on the fly.  Give us a list of everything that you absolutely must have played, and we guarantee you we will have it!

Pro-Audio Sound Equipment

"DJ Radioshack" we are not.  Even with our basic wedding package, we always use updated, high-end, professional audio equipment for every event. The sound is monitored and always kept at a level that is inviting and works for the crowd.  And we can use multiple speaker setup variations to do what works best for the venue.  Afterall, it's about doing it right...not what's easy.

Backlit DJ Facades

We ensure every aspect of our setup is a part of the overall beauty of the design.  Even our DJ booths are something to look at with our backlit facades.  We can match the DJ booth lighting to whatever color scheme you've chosen for your wedding reception.

Dance Floor Lighting

Keeping a good vibe going and getting everyone completely lost in the moment is easy with the right lighting.   And if you want more, we have more!   But we also offer incredible custom built setups meant to fit themes and budgets.

Ceremony Production

If you need music for your wedding ceremony, wireless microphones for large weddings or noisy outdoor weddings, or other ceremony production elements, we can handle that too.  Our low profile speakers and speaker placement won't interfere with the look of your ceremony, but they will ensure everyone hears the moment you say "I do".

Wireless Microphones

Let everyone be heard.  They want to praise you, congratulate you, and give you their blessings.  A wireless mic that can be passed around is the best way to make sure you don't miss a single loving word.  We include one with every setup!

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DJ Entertainment,  Pro-Audio,  Lighting, Photo Booth,

 and much MORE! 

For WEDDINGS and Small  Events

Serving Knoxville and surrounding cities as well as Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg

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